Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Personal Goals

I have been working on my goals recently.. To make sure that I will always be in the correct direction in my life.. Hidup nowadays banyak sangat tempation untuk jadi lazy lazy lazy.. Sedangkan, '"Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian. Melainkan yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Dan orang yang berpesan-pesan kepada kebenaran, begitu juga yang berpesan-pesan kepada kesabaran". Surah-Al Asr'..

Semoga all of us tak satu geng dalam golongan manusia2 yang rugi..

Kenapa kena ade goals?

1. Sebab manusia ni pelupa dan cepat lalai
Baru semalam semangat membara-bara nak buat itu ini, nak berubah, nak jadi orang lebih berjaya tapi lepas few days dah terlupa and kembali leka.. This one tak boleh nak buat apa, because ini fitrah manusia.. Tapi dengan setting goals, at least bila terlalai tu, kita boleh refer balik to our goals and ingat2kan diri sendiri balik.. Get right back on the track.

2. Sebab keliling kita banyak Gundusamy
Teringat lagi masa pergi training baru2 ni, one of the Indian leader said, all the negative people around us dorang panggil as 'Gundusamy'.. Suke sangat bagi negative vibration.. So untuk avoid sume2 ni, baikla kita ada goal sendiri, believe in ourselves, stick to our goals and focus on it.

Cuba ingat balik time2 rase down atau tak happy.. Some of the reasons might be sebab :

a) takde goal dalam hidup,

b) were aiming for a goal we didn't really want,

or c) you were not moving forward to reach your goal.

Here goes my very own personal goals just to share with you guys..
  1. Career - 
    • Fully Prof. by the age of 45 (20 years to go!) [code:prof]
    • Lecturing in university (public) [code:lecture]
    • Publish minimum 3 research paper in 2011 [code:paper]
  2. Financial
    • Side income of minimum RM100 per day (as starting point) [code:perday]
    • Minimum 5k per month by Jan 2012 (online business) [code:permonth]
  3. Education
    • Finish Master by May 2012 [code:master]
    • Get TOEFL certified [code:toefl]
    • Get GRE certified [code:gre]
    • Get ACT Personal Trainer certified [code:act]
  4. Family
    • One family outing per month [code:fouting]
    • Call everyday [code:fcall]
  5. Artistic
    • Learn Italian, finish Beginner level [code:italian]
  6. Attitude
    • Do not give up. Be steadfast. Do not be discourage by anything. It will take few years of perseverance to get you to what you want. [code:steadfast]
  7. Physical
    • Lose another 10kg [code:10kg]
    • Run minimum 10km per week for a month [code:10km]
    • Join half marathon [code:marathon]
  8. Pleasure
    • Spa once a month [code:spa]
    • Vacation outside/inside Malaysia once every two months [code:vacation]
  9. Public Service
    • Donate blood for the first time ever! [code:blood]
*the blue codes is meant for me to address my goals easily when I want to revisit or to blog about them later.

Do share with me, what are your ultimate goal in life?

Singing off,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What am I up to..

Few updates from me and my life..I am taking up TOEFL, GRE and ACT Personal Trainer Certification by end of this year 2011.. My way is to squeeze in this three into my daily routine.. A short and comprehensive study of 30minutes per day might just be enough.. i am still looking for a business opportunity that I can develop as a long term business project.. For now, priority goes to my Masters degree plus juggling the work as a research assistant in my former university.. 

I recently figured few things about what I would do in the future.. Will share with you guys in my next post.. 
Hmm.. for now let me share with one of the most remarkable productivity tool I ever encountered to date.. The great thing is that, this GTD(getting things done) tool is so efficient it makes me addicted to it! If you guys are interested to know further, check out :

See you guys in a while, i promise.